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Your Business Doesn't Go On Vacation - Get Prepared

Sherese Duncan CEO
Your Business Doesn't Go On Vacation - Get Prepared
by Sherese Duncan - Thursday, 14 December 2017, 12:36 PM

Although we may go on vacations, our businesses don't. If you're planning to be out of the office during the Holiday season, make sure you've checked your systems and processes to ensure your business is still running like a well oiled machine. Autoresponders, and out of office replies are always a good start.

Have you thought about a support site so people can submit tickets if they have problems?

Check with your staff to make sure they have everything they need and instructions on what to do if emergencies arise. If you're a solopreneur, your systems are your life-blood, I hope you've got them prepared. If not, start getting your systems in place with your CORE curriculum! Full time students, don't forget about the ICON Lab - ask questions and we'll provide solutions...on the spot!

Happy Holidays!

Your Transmogrifyer...SD